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    LEDs are the future of automotive lighting. We do our best to stay on top of the latest LED technology to bring you the best, brightest LEDs available.
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    There are multiple LEDs that will fit a particular application. We test each type of LED to ensure that that we offer the best possible solution for your needs.
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    LEDs are better for the environment than regular bulbs. They use less energy and do not contain any hazardous materials or gasses..
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    Our LED lamps utilize standard miniature, high flux, high powered and ultra high powered LEDs.
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    We offer 4 main colors to choose from. Most of our LED lamps come in white, blue, red and green colors.



Dome Light LED - 99-06 3-Series ( E46 )

Pictures may not accurately represent actual color.

Dome Light LED
Bulb replacement for the Dome Light

This LED lamp contains 1x Ultra High Powered 1.5w LED

120 degree viewing angle

Cool White: 60 Lumen @ 6800k


  • No "bulb out" warning lights

Installation Guide