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99-06 3-Series (E46)

*Please read this all the way through before doing this install!*
We will not be held responsible for any mistakes, problems, or damage done to any part of your car. Follow this install guide carefully, and you should have no problems. If you are unsure about ANYTHING, please email us. We will help you out to the best of our ability.

Here Is What You Will Need:
- Flat head screwdriver
(BMW screwdriver works great.)

Use the flat head screwdriver to carefully pry the where the red arrows are pointing.

Once you have the housing out enough, use your fingers to pull the bottom edge (the edge toward the side window) out just a little.

Next, slide the housing down toward the bottom edge and pull out the top edge (the edge toward the rear window) until the housing comes out completely. Examine the housing. If you bent any of the gold metal tabs, straighten them out.

Unlock the 2 bulbs by twisting them approx 1/4 turn counterclockwise. Remove the holders (with the bulbs) and separate the bulb from the holder.
Install the LED into the holder and re-insert them into the housing.

Before you put the housing back in, test to make sure the LEDs work. If any LEDs do not light up, simply rotate them 180 degrees and test again. The best way to rotate them is:
1. Unlock the LED and plastic base - approx 1/4 turn counter clockwise so it can be removed.
2. Pull the LED and base out of the hole just enough to turn it 1/2 a turn (180 degrees)
3. Put it back in the hole
4. Twist it to lock it in (approx 1/4 turn clockwise).

To re-install the housing, put the top edge in first and then push the bottom edge into the car and it will 'pop' into place.